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In 1982 when industrial exhibitions were started in small grounds of Bombay and persons engaged with small industries were of the view that such exhibitions may not be fruitful and it can’t get us a business. Yet so many exhibitions were taking place.  Mr. R.R.Shukla studied the subject of exhibitions and find out that only print media can attract the business circle from India’s any corner. Because fir lots of businessman and industrialist it was not so easy to visit the exhibition due to lack of so many infrastructure development like railway, highways, airports and connectivity of flights, surface transport  and hotels etc. Only print media can reach to anywhere and any corner of India. 

Moreover printing technology was not so sound in those years and yet Mr. R.R.Shukla took decision to help the industries and exhibition exhibitors by showcasing there machineries and products through their magazine INDUSTRIAL EXPRESS (1st publisher of industrial news magazine for a exhibitional track starting from 1987 “SP-Age Publications”)


India’s first introducer of FREE DISTRIBUTION CONCEPT


All the factors were waiting for Mr. R.R. Shukla and the day come when Mr. Shukla launched his 1st magazine with a new concept of “FREE DISTRIBUTION”.  It is the tendency of the market that if you sell something with price nobody will look at it but if you give something FREE  people will be there in queue. And Mr. Shukla really got success by knowing human mentality.  This new concept widely accepted by the industrial market and exhibition exhibitors. Numbers of inquiries were circulating in the market of our advertisers and they all got satisfied business than never before. Gradually INDUSTRIAL EXPRESS magazine became familiar in the industrial circle. Printing technology was also going very fast and Mr. Shukla stay tuned with new technology and provided the best printing results and paper. 

 “WOODAGE INDIA” magazine is the one more feather in our crown which serve the wooden industries and we have 5000 subscribers and  advertisers.  We are available on WWW: woodageindia.com. 

WOODAGE INDIA magazine is the leading newsmagazine in the magazine market and our advertisers are also very satisfied customers. Moreover we send our magazine through EMAIL also.


About the Magazine :

Currently we publish WOODAGE INDIA  from the same camp of SP-Age Publications and from 1982 to this date we have 20,000 and more satisfied advertisers. We are very much thankful of them all who have trusted us and gave a golden chance to serve them and our country through their advertisement in our leading magazine. We have always favored our advertisers and exhibition organizers in the best interest of all.   



In near future we are going to launch a new concept “QUICK RESPONSE ”, which will encourage the advertisers to get quick response of their advertisement. We hope that our advertisers shall pick this golden opportunity. Don’t miss the chance.